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Bolts Quality Car Care
November 25, 1996

Page 1 Question A-1:  It is very easy to schedule service with Bolts Car Care
Question A-2:  They provide service in a timely manner
Question A-3:  On every visit, my expectations are completely met
Page 2 Question A-4:  They provide precisely the service I order and expect
Question A-5:  Billing is accurate
Question A-6:  Questions are answered quickly and accurately
Page 3 Question A-7:  They provide the level of technical competence that I require
Question A-8:  Bolts provides high value for the price they charge
Question A-9:  The quality of their services meets my expectations
Page 4 Question A-10:  They charge the lowest price
Question A-11:  I completely trust Bolts Car Care
Question A-12:  The people at Bolts Car Care treat me right
Page 5 Question A-13:  I am confident in their ability to meet my future needs
Question A-14:  The people at Bolts are reliable and deliver what they promise